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Embedding Paraffin


Bradley Products Inc is now carrying Paraffin wax!

Bradley Products Embedding Paraffin

In order to better serve our customers, Bradley Products has recently expanded our tissue marking dye line to include embedding paraffin wax, with various melt points and compositions. We offer four types:

  • 8601 Paraffin with polymers (melt point 54-57°C)
  • 8602 Paraffin with polymers and DMSO (melt point 54-57°C) 
  • 8603 Paraffin with low melt point and additives (melt point 52-54°C)
  • 8604 Paraffin with filtering and no additives (melt point 54-57°C) 

Bradley Products Embedding Paraffin Wax is highly purified filtered histology grade paraffin made to be used with the Davidson Marking System Tissue Marking Dyes, and offer low resistance to cutting, improved elasticity when sectioning, superb continuity of ribboning, without cracking, tearing or floatation. We offer four varieties, all suitable for infiltration, embedding, and sectioning. 

They are IVD and CE rated and thoroughly tested. 

See our Products page for more information about Bradley Products Embedding Paraffin wax:

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