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Embedding Paraffin

Product Description

Our Bradley Products Embedding Paraffin is highly purified filtered histology grade paraffin made to offer low resistance to cutting, improved elasticity when sectioning, superb continuity of ribboning and without cracking, tearing or flotation. We offer four varieties, all suitable for infiltration, embedding and sectioning.  They are IVD and CE rated and thoroughly tested.


Item 8601 Paraffin with polymers (melt point 54-57°C)
Contains a plasticising polymer with purified, double filtered, 'fine cut' paraffin wax producing a high level of elasticity and tensile strength.  This allows precise quality sections to be produced with minimal shrinkage in the block.  No tearing, cracking or expansion, giving the perfect result every time.

Item 8602 Paraffin with polymers and DMSO (melt point 54-57°C) 
Purified double filtered 'fine cut' paraffin wax blended with a plasticising polymer and a small addition of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).  This is recommended for larger tissue samples or where improved infiltration is necessary.  Benefits include faster tissue penetration and additional preservation characteristics.

Item 8603 Paraffin with low melt point and additives (melt point 52-54°C) 
Highly purified wax filtered to 1 micron of low melt point.  Low MP has a low viscosity which allows easier and faster tissue infiltration.  Recommend for low temperature work where the tissue is delicate.  This paraffin also provides a suitable sectioning medium to prevent distortion or damage.

Item 8604 Paraffin with filtering and no additives (melt point 54-57°C) 
Special filtered grade of pure paraffin wax without additive.  Has excellent infiltration characteristics and is resistant to cracking within the block.  Characterized by low cutting resistance to distortion and great flexibility.