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We are proud to say that, today, all top 20 hospitals, as named by US News & World Report in 2017, are customers of Bradley Products, Inc. and use The Davidson Marking System® products.

Our Past, Present, Future —


The Development of The Davidson Marking System® products and Bradley Products, Inc.

Pic First 5-color Davidson Marking System® 1984In the late 1970s, lab technicians were just beginning to explore the application we now call MOHS, a technique for orienting excised tissue from tumors with the aid of tissue marking dye. At that time, formal medical dyes that provided good adherence through processing were not available. Dr. Terence Davidson (UCSD) and Bradley Products, Inc. worked together to develop a collection of tissue marking dyes in different colors. After testing hundreds of products, materials of high quality were identified and the original full complement of five medical marking dye colors — green, yellow, black, red and blue — were developed. In 1984, these became known as The Davidson Marking System®. Later, orange and violet dyes were added and more recently, lime was added making a full complement of eight colors of margin marking dye. We continue to optimize these dyes as well as search for additional colors.


It has now been over 30 years since Bradley Products introduced The Davidson Marking System®. These high quality tissue marking dyes enjoy wide acceptance in hospitals, clinics and research facilities around the world.

The Davidson® dyes are medical dyes that are visible, reliable and safe. While the medical tissue marking dyes were originally developed, and continue to have importance for orienting tissue, many other applications have employed their use as well. This tissue marking dye system is useful for both frozen and fresh tissue processing as the medical marking dye adheres well in either case. The tissue marking system can also be used to process multiple specimens in a single tissue cassette, as the tissue dye will mark the tissue different colors and allow each specimen to be distinguished. This makes them both efficient and economical.

Bradley Products has continued its history of innovation of new products.

The Davidson® Cryocup® System has revolutionized frozen section processing, simplifying and speeding up the preparation of specimens without compromising cryostat temperature. As of 2015, The Cryocup® System has been re-designed for compatibility with cryostat equipment found in most pathology laboratories, specifically Leica, Microm, Sakura and Thermo-Shandon (earlier style).

The Davidson® Small Specimen Kit solves the increasingly common problem of tracking small specimens during histologic preparation.

Go to Downloads and Links to download our brochure, instruction pages for The Davidson® Cryocup® System or The Davidson® Small Specimen Kit. Or visit our Video Training page to see these products in use.


What's next for Bradley Products?

What began as one company serving a few medical professionals for a specific technique has now become one company serving thousands of medical professionals across the globe for a multitude of tissue dyeing techniques.  Both domestic and international markets continue to grow.  It is a welcome challenge to keep up with global regulations, the amazing efforts of our family of Resellers, and new cutting-edge technology.  Staying in touch personally with those we serve is what sets Bradley Products apart from growing competition. Our goal is to continue to be excellent at what we do, providing only the best quality products as demanded by the industry.  In addition, innovation of new ways to make the processes even more efficient, discovery of new pigment, and representation in new fields is also part of this growing business.

Thank You

Products have been developed jointly by Bradley Products and Dr. Davidson in response to needs identified by those in the medical laboratory community. A direct involvement with the professional community and a commitment to quality is what sets Bradley Products apart as the original supplier of tissue marking dyes and innovator of products truly needed in the industry.

Thank You to all those involved with us in any capacity.  As always, we invite your questions and comments.  Thank you for your interest in our products. Please Contact Us.