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Davidson® Cryocup® System Complete

Product Description

The Davidson® Cryocup® System includes 1 Cryocup® Holder, 3 Cryocups®, Nitrogen Reservoir, Water Basin, and instructions.

"B" Cryocup® Systems are compatible with Sakura and earlier-style Thermo-Shandon equipment and with chucks from those manufacturers or chucks from Bradley Products.  

"L" Cryocup® Systems are compatible with Leica equipment and chucks.

"M" Cryocup® Systems are compatible with Microm equipment and chucks.

Picture shows a variety of cup and chuck sizes. Each set comes with one style/size only.

Each style available in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes, with some variance.

For more information, visit our Cryocup® System page.


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