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Small Specimen Dye Instructions

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Step 1


Place small specimen biopsy (1-2mm) onto a piece of cassette paper provided.


Step 2


Add one drop of Davidson® Small Specimen dye to specimen on tissue.


Step 3


Fold cassette paper to secure specimen.  Place in cassette.  Add sponge spacer.  Close cassette.


Step 4


Process using standard fixing techniques (alcohol, formalin, etc.)



Step 5


After fixing, unfold cassette paper.  Place the colored specimen and paper into an embedding cassette.



Step 6


Embed, section and stain using standard techniques.


NOTE:  The Davidson® Small Specimen Kit dyes are primarily designed to keep track of the small specimen through the fixation process.  If marking is required (for example, to process two or more small specimens in a single cassette), then either experiment with these dyes or use the more conventional Davidson Marking System® dyes to ensure specimens are adequately marked.

Video Training — Small Specimen Dye Instructions
PDF — Small Specimen Dye Instructions