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Cryocup® Instructions

Use of The Davidson® Cryocup® System allows for more efficient frozen section processing.  The Cryocup® provides a flat specimen, which offers a usable initial cut by traditional microtome techniques. The use of liquid nitrogen provides faster freezing and does not compromise the temperature inside the cryostat machine.

Apply Davidson Marking System dyes to orient the tissue prior to using the Cryocup System.

Picture of specimen in bottom of Cryocup®.Step 1:
 Place tissue specimen into Cryocup® and add OCT, or another mounting medium.  Keep the level of OCT even with, but not above, the inner ledge of the Cryocup®.

Step 2:  Place chuck into Cryocup® on top of specimen.

Step 3:  Place Cryocup® into Cryocup® Holder. Lower Cryocup® Cover, making sure to center chuck stem in middle opening of cover.  Use provided clip to clamp cover into place.




Picture of Cryocup® being placed in Holder.Picture of Cover being lowered onto Cryocup® in holder.Picture of cover lowered onto Cryocup® and ready for dipping. 

Step 4: Immerse Cryocup® Holder into liquid nitrogen reservoir to freeze (figure 6).  Dip in liquid nitrogen long enough to ensure tissue and OCT are frozen (typically 20-40 seconds).

Picture of frozen Cryocup® being warmed by hand.Step 5: Lift Cryocup® Holder from liquid nitrogen.  Drain.  remove clip.  Release chuck from Cryocup® by placing in water basin in 1/4-inch tepid water for a few seconds or until chuck releases.  Or, cup in hand until chuck releases (figure 7).

Step 6: Remove the chuck from the Cryocup® (figure 8).  The specimen is ready for the microtome and a flat surface should be exposed.

Picture of specimen on chuck being lifted out of Cryocup® to expose flat surface.

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